The Plan

Bicycling can take on many different meanings for the residents of the greater St. Louis region. For children, those first tentative trips by bicycle provide a sense of adventure and are important steps towards independence. Others see bicycling as a way to exercise and stay fit, occasionally riding to work or school during nice weather. Still others rely on bicycles as a primary means of transportation—whether by choice, because they elect not to use a car, or because they cannot afford a car.

Similarly, some bicyclists are very comfortable riding in the road with motor vehicles, while others are more cautious and prefer riding on separate paths and trails. Another important group is those who currently don’t ride bicycles; but are interested in doing so in the future. Finally, there are residents who choose not to bicycle but understand that it is important to their fellow citizens to be able to use bicycles on the roadway for transportation.

Regardless of the underlying motivations or level of experience, the regional bicycle network must provide the bicycle accommodations and connections for a safe, high-quality experience for all people and skill levels. A viable transportation system provides a number of travel choices, including travel by bicycle. Similarly, the transportation system must afford travelers direct, efficient routes to reach their destinations, instead of requiring them to go out of their way to get from point A to point B.

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