The annual Gateway Bike Plan report card measures successes implementing new on-street bikeways, bicycle safety and skills training courses, professional development for area planners and engineers, and policy changes that support active transportation.

2017 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card
2016 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card
2015 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card
2014 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card
2013 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card
2012 Gateway Bike Plan Report Card

Click here to view the presentations from the 2016 Gateway Bike Plan Workshop. 

The Community Briefing Kit is intended to help local municipalities, neighborhood groups, community organizations, local businesses, and residents better understand and communicate to others the function and benefits of the region’s growing bicycle network. The materials in this Community Briefing Kit are intended to be shared via social media, incorporated into community newsletters and emails, and distributed to local residents and stakeholders to raise awareness for bicycling and the many benefits of a bikeable community. Click here to view the community briefing kit. Click here for a zip file of shareable images and videos.

The Gateway Bike Plan Community Presentation is a PowerPoint that you can download and use to help increase awareness of bicycling in your community. The presentation includes information about the Gateway Bike Plan, the benefits of bicycling, and basic bicycle facility types. These slides are intended to be tailored specifically to your project or audience, so please add new slides or subtract unneeded slides. Click here to access the Gateway Bike Plan Community Presentation.